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2010-04-12 01:32:40 by Foamy415

Happiness only comes to those that strive for it. Those who seek it, but put no effort towards it, should only expect a lonely sadness to envelop them.


2010-03-02 23:29:20 by Foamy415

i made the mistake of getting too attached too quickly and now im way too sad over this girl who dose not love me. im sad.


2009-11-26 19:34:27 by Foamy415

The Word that binds me to this place is not ever lasting. For like the rain, that rusts away at an iron chain, I have reached my 18th storm. And like the wind that brushes away the rust, i too will brush you away. Forever thriving off the rain ,the wind as my ally. Moving only further away and never returning.

Sleepless nights

2009-11-23 02:04:49 by Foamy415

I find my nights drawn out, slowly approaching the morning as if they where not meant to last more than six hours a day. This increasing threat that morning is to night is if not puzzling, dangerous. Now it is my goal to protect my beloved night by killing the morning there for stopping the day and forever living with my friend the moon.

I feel beaten up and thrown aside because you need to be scouted for any art you submit to be seen and as a lowly starving artist its just mentally crippling. Well i was just voicing my disapproval. Time to sleep.....


2009-11-20 23:05:12 by Foamy415

Although the idea of a job can be seen as a soul sucking endeavor that slowly sucks the life juice from the small enjoyment sack we all have in our colons, I am here today to regretfully inform you that "it" like many other evils such as slavery and communism is a necessary evil that we must all take on in order to reach your final goal in life. So with only two options ,burning Jews or finding a job, i found that i can not afford an oven with out first finding some sort of currency. After my many bank robbery attempts i find it completely too ironic that i cant complete my first option without first completing the second. So join me on my quest to venture off into the land of mindless labor and dead end jobs as i frolic through the fields of hope-flowers that have thrived off the crushed dreams of the ones around us! May we succeed in anything we put minuscule effort torwads. ^_^

Most fun ever

2009-11-09 22:25:06 by Foamy415

I participate in a martial arts program in which iv reached the degree of a black belt. The other day i was sparing a rather large Asian kid who repeatedly punched me in the nose (this being an illegal move in a friendly sparing match) by the seventh punch i swiftly kicked the kid in the nuts. After said kick he was on the ground for fifteen minutes. As punishment for kicking him in the nuts i had to do 50 push-ups.
-Lesson of the story: push-ups earned by hitting a fat Asian kid extremely hard in the nuts are the most fun ever-

lil rhyme

2009-11-08 16:33:26 by Foamy415

"Little fool, walks to school. Feels the heat, man shes beat. Hears a sound, nothings found. Starts to worry, while in a hurry. In a rush, from the brush. Man comes out, u start to shout. Kick and scream, fight the man! Oh wait, too late ,your in his Van." ^_^


2009-09-08 01:28:47 by Foamy415

I walk into a store buy a 20 dollar 6 gig flash drive and leave with a smile. as i walk to my front door (flash drive in hand) i notice a small mass rising from my gutter. Doing what any sense-able man would do i grab a stick with my open hand and begin poking it. The mass after wiggling for a moment then exploded revealing itself to be a vinegar filled water balloon that had misfired on impact and collected leaves over a period of several hours. I walk inside reaching for a towel to realize i had used my helpless flash drive as a shield to stop vinegar from hitting my eyes. Now im out 20 bucks, i smell, and im sticky.... FML


sitting necked at your comp

2007-11-11 22:26:07 by Foamy415

u know u do it

sitting necked at your comp