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2009-11-20 23:05:12 by Foamy415

Although the idea of a job can be seen as a soul sucking endeavor that slowly sucks the life juice from the small enjoyment sack we all have in our colons, I am here today to regretfully inform you that "it" like many other evils such as slavery and communism is a necessary evil that we must all take on in order to reach your final goal in life. So with only two options ,burning Jews or finding a job, i found that i can not afford an oven with out first finding some sort of currency. After my many bank robbery attempts i find it completely too ironic that i cant complete my first option without first completing the second. So join me on my quest to venture off into the land of mindless labor and dead end jobs as i frolic through the fields of hope-flowers that have thrived off the crushed dreams of the ones around us! May we succeed in anything we put minuscule effort torwads. ^_^


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2009-11-20 23:06:31

Welcome to Hell, Population: You

Foamy415 responds:

*looks around* shiiiiiiiiit!